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December Presentation
Design Time Slides
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Elaborations on the 8 Mathematical Practices for Elementary School

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Memo on Common Core Learning Standards and Assessments (February 12, 2014)  
Elaborated Mathematical Practices (Draft- February 12, 2014) 

Small Group Work Sessions

Shared Presentation- Please create a few slides to explain your work so that the forum members can take it back to their schools. ]]>
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Counting Strategies and Related Standards- This document contains a chart of the three levels of counting strategies.  Students who are skilled with Level Three strategies would be described as having great number sense.  How does our instruction to equip students to operate with Level Three strategies?

video Example- This video on EngageNY demonstrates how the following models: number stairs, number paths, and number bonds are used to build the levels of counting strategies.
Progressions Documents- These documents outline the mathematics behind the standards. They were drafted prior to the creation of the standards and then revised to align to the final standards. The counting strategies graphic was taken from the Counting Cardinality Operations and Algebraic Thinking Progression.

Kindergarten Sprints

Powerpoint on the development of sprints in Kindergarten
Corresponding document

First Grade

Second Grade

Questions and Answers

What is a dot path?
A dot path as it is referred to in Module 3 of Kindergarten looks like a number path but there are dots in the place of the digits. Here is an image from Module 4.

Kindergarten End of Module 1 Assessment- The rubric and assessment do not match. 
Here is a revised version.  For the most part, it looked like the wording just needed to be aligned.  A revision that impacted the skills assessed was in the first task.  The materials listed numeral cards, and the rubric language described the students ability to recognize the digit. However, in the directions it said "write the number."  If the task had the student find the card with the number on it, you could see if a student could recognize the digit even if they didn't have the motor skills to write it

What does it mean when I read "add to result unknown," "add to change unknown," etc. in reference to problem solving types?

This refers to Table 1 on page 78 in the Appendix of the Common Core Mathematics Standards. This table outlines all the basic problem solving types for addition and subtraction.

What can I do to help parents understand the mathematics that the students are doing?

The following teachers have been working to find videos to support their students and parents.  Their Common Core Helper pages aligns the videos they found to the lessons of the module that they are working on. 

2nd Grade Teacher Page with video links- Dee Cook, Massena Central School District

4th Grade Teacher Page with video links- Julie Albert, Massena Central School District

Fluency Work from the Modules- These documents contain just the fluency portion of the lessons.  This may be helpful for you if you are looking for a fluency to address a specific skill that your students need to practice.

Kindergarten Module3

Third Grade Module 1
Fourth Grade Module 1
Fifth Grade Module 1
Fifth Grade Module 2

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Groups for the Small Group Work 

Dec 3 Forum Evaluation Form

What we want to accomplish through the forum - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QznSe66WM5vSpNCWdii7JJAGqzmdJu__tcFkq_mmDsY/edit?usp=sharing

Setting up a Google Account- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E0T8zJnaI7jDW6N2no_OkL6V1Xx2rZtAnBag7CoMDnc/edit?usp=sharing

Forum Contact Information- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XlM2UugK8738boK57lhQAYD0xBHwZn_Idnbfwbatuk0/viewform

Shared Presentation-