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Design Time Slides
December Folder
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6-8 Elaborations on the 8 Mathematical Practices

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Interpreting Test Results- Annotated released items for 3-8 math

*Please note that you can get from data warehouse a report that shows how your students performed on the released questions.

Performance Level Descriptors- descriptions of performance levels for focus clusters. 

Double Testing Waiver for MS math students approved (Jan 2, 2014)

Double Testing Q and A (November, 2013)

Presentation Links and Resources

Unit Circle image

TI-83 Calculator

eMathInstruction - Common Core Algebra 1 e-Texts including worksheets with QR codes that link to videos on youtube. 

Symbaloo- access your bookmarks from anywhere

IXL- online math practice


Implementation in a Transition Year Presentation

Mathematics Regents Guides and Sample Items 

PARCC Sample Items

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Powerpoint- SED Updates

Memo Regarding the Transition to Common Core Aligned Regents

PARCC- Guide to the Assessment Blueprints

Today's Meet- http://todaysmeet.com/6-12mathforum
             Name (District)
             Source Document

Managing the Flow of Information

Progressions Documents- These documents were drafted prior to the creation of the standards to guide the standards writing process.  They explain the intent of the standards.  Once the standards were finished, the process began to revise and publish these documents to give everyone access to the progression of mathematics behind the standards.

Mathematics Common Core Standards- The standards were adopted by NY State on July 19, 2010. The high school standards are arranged in conceptual categories.  The first sketch of how the standards could be arranged was published in Appendix A.  This outline has been replaced by the PARCC Content Frameworks. 

PARCC Model Content Frameworks- These documents help you see the focus standards for your course.  

Curriculum Maps for Common Core inc. Modules- (6-8 Story of Ratios)
(9-12 Story of Functions) NY State has contracted with vendors to produce curriculum materials to support teachers as they implement the common core standards. The maps provide the scope and sequence for the curriculum materials that are being developed.

Module Overviews- These files contain the overviews of the curriculum modules.  The lesson materials will be released soon. The graphic below illustrates the roll out plan for complete modules.

Module Overview Powerpoint

Answer Key for 2005 Aligned Integrated Algebra Questions

Answer Key for Common Core Aligned Integrated Algebra Questions

Full Document with Item Criteria and Sample Items

Variables on the Numberline

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Round Table- District Updates - Norms of Collaboration

PARCC Updates
     Communication Around PARCC 3-8 Reference Sheets
     PARCC 5-8 Reference Sheets 
       (consult NY testing guides for this year's reference sheet)
     PARCC HS Reference Sheets
     PARCC Question Prototypes
     PARCC Accommodations Policy Review (until Feb 4)
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NYS 3-8 Testing Guides- 
     Volume Formula on the Reference Sheet "To B or Not to B"

Weebly Update-
     Reorganization to make room for grade level specific resources

Description of Collaborative Work
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Against "Answer Getting Techniques"
     Phil Daro (one of the three lead architects of the mathematics common core)

http://todaysmeet.com/6-12mathforum (use first name last initial)
Materials Shared by Groups-
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